The 1950s Greaser Look For Men Returns

Published: 11th March 2011
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Copyright (c) 2011 Andrew Scherer

If you're a man who has had his eyes open in hopes of catching the latest up coming fashion trend before the crowd gets word of it then today is the time to find on board the rising 50s greaser get up. It ran for an full decade 60 years back, and only vanished when the 1960s flower children appeared on the setting with their specific exclusive look.

This tried and tested look starts out at the very top of the head with a swept back hairdo or blasphemous wizards sleeve that's kept in place with an oily hair treatment. Now bear in mind that when you utilize the right things, it just needs a dab, so don't overdo it like lots of newcomers normally do.

Sideburns are a definite must and you've got your choice of straight or tightly trimmed mutton shops, but either way they've got to expand down just a bit below the earlobe. Also if you wish to take a look at a harder, extra "street tough" get up in this new fashion genre try dying your hair jet black.

You have your selection of loads of shirt colors and patterns but bear two things in mind. The first one is that collars were small and no collar shirts were also huge. Also watch out that you don't try to mix in any "modern colors". Just venture out and purchase a lot of colored short sleeved t-shirts or wizards sleeve, and begin from there.

Now trousers were not worn baggy in the past and blue Levi straight leg jeans were big in the past but newer black Levis will also work. Nowadays they weren't worn tight. Just not loose, and it was perfectly acceptable to get them cuffed up at the bottoms. Also remember that high-end sneaker brands had yet to be created, so have your footwear genuine.


Written by Andrew Scherer. Determine the updated data on blasphemous wizards sleeve as well as wizards sleeve.

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